Welcome at Stampscapes Netherlands. In this shop you will find all Stampscapes stamps. 
Mounted stamps are no longer in stock, so only available on demand.
Please keep in mind that ordering mounted stamps will take at least two months!
Mention under Remarks that you want your stamps mounted on wood. The price for mounted stamps is 2x the unmounted price.

Take a look around and when you've got questions or remarks, please e-mail us. The Stampscapes stamps are being sold by De Stempelwinkel. Please take a look as well at www.De-Stempelwinkel.nl
for more beautiful stamps as well as stamping accessories. It is possible to combine orders, please write under Remarks that you've got another order.

Please note: when you have made a print of your order, please click the "send" button again, if you don't do that we will not receive your order. The shop programm will send an automatical confirmation shortly. Before you can pay your order you will have to wait for a personal response, to see if everything is in stock, and to calculate mailingcosts. Attention: my e-mail can be hidden in your spam-folder or the "unwanted e-mail" folder.

You can pay either by banktransfer (I will send you IBAN and BIC codes) or by Paypal (extra costs will be added!)

When you subscribe to our "Newsletter" you will receive mails about new products or new techniques, or special offers. You will also get information about shows where De Stempelwinkel will be present. Please send an e-mail to info@de-stempelwinkel.nl to subscribe.

The shop is closed from 12 till 16 March because of a show in Dortmund. Orders will be handled from March 19th.